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Weininger, Wittgenstein, and the honor of dogs

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Notes on David G. Stern, “Weininger and Wittgenstein on ‘Animal Psychology,’” in Wittgenstein Reads Weininger
Stern quotes Weininger’s On Last Things:
The vegetarians are just as wrong as their opponents. Anyone who does not wish to contribute to the killing of living things may only drink milk, for anyone who eats fruits or eggs still kills embryos. […]

none of his business

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Notes on:
Michael Tooley, “Abortion and Infanticide.”
I do not share the general pessimism about the possibility of resolving the issue of abortion and infanticide because I believe it is possible to point to a very plausible moral principle dealing with the question of necessary conditions for something’s having a right to life, where the conditions in […]

The moral party: whom should we invite?

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Notes on: Mary Anne Warren, “Difficulties with the Strong Animal Rights Position”

Sentience and rationality

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What is correct and salvageable in utilitarianism is its impartiality, its resistance to corruption. Rachels sounds right about this.1 It appeals rigidly to a principle appreciable to all sentient creatures, skirting the tendency to cave in to local impulses that plague theories such as virtue theory or, in some fetishistic forms, reason-based theories.
Sentience casts a […]

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