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Abortion, Sex, and the Limits of Morality

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A Lecture
Bianco Luno
Editor’s note: Bianco Luno surveys and interprets some of the major philosophical literature on abortion in Part I in preparation for drawing radical lessons for the nature of morality in Part II. Thanks to J. Armstrong, Gene L., and O. Dresher for reading, discussion, and corrections. —Victor Muñoz
The topic
I want to talk […]

Abortion, Sex, and the Limits of Morality - Part II

Lessons for moral theory taken from the morality of abortion
Utility and women
In the realm of ethics, the notion of rights is little more than three centuries old, that of utility less, that of virtue two millenia. But that of care we must assume is pre-historic.
There seem to be very few utilitarian philosophers who are women. […]

Stephenson: crime is a masculine statement (I)

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Bianco Luno’s notes on June Stephenson’s Men are Not Cost-Effective

  I   |  II  |  III 

Editor’s Introduction
“Women and men do not participate equally in crime. The disparity is so extreme, ancient, and immanent that it long ago should have garnered serious attention from philosophers for what it signals about the only two kinds of moral consciousness.” So […]

Stephenson: crime is a masculine statement (II)

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Bianco Luno’s notes on June Stephenson’s Men are Not Cost-Effective

  I   |  II  |  III 

Law Enforcement
Them, too. The people who protect us: watch out for them. They are cut of the same cloth. Often enough it is firefighters who start fires and policemen who commit violent crimes.
“Arson is the only crime where the suspect sticks around,” […]

Stephenson: crime is a masculine statement (III)

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Bianco Luno’s notes on June Stephenson’s Men are Not Cost-Effective

  I   |  II  |  III 

Not all men are criminals, but nearly all criminals are men. By a ratio of 94 to 6, men outnumber women in prison, a fact that raises the questions of whether and why crime is a masculine statement. [I wonder why this […]


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In this lecture, Luno patrols the border between induction and existentialism, finding a critique of analytic philosophy.
I trained formally as an analytic philosopher. Most of the philosophical literature I directly address in my writing is analytic. But my sympathies are nearly always with the existentialist and literary traditions in philosophy. My first entry into philosophy […]

On being blotted out

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the point of the death penalty
The meaning of capital punishment—insofar as it has a meaning and is not a reflex—is concerned with the distribution of responsibility. The field of responsibility is limited to moral agents. Constituted authorities are not moral agents. Individuals, who are, may or may not be missing the requisite nerve. Usually, they […]

“Marxists do it with class”

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Notes on Jeffrie G. Murphy, “Marxism and Retribution”
Editor’s note: The contract theory of punishment gets a well-deserved lashing from Murphy with a borrowed Marxist whip. But Luno lashes out indiscriminately with the utmost discrimination: Let’s go after the theorists…
The only moral way to punish is the Kantian way but the Kantian way forbids the use […]

“…my God he was wrong.”

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Notes on M. O’C. Drury, “Some Notes on Conversations” (with Wittgenstein)
Drury recalls what Wittgenstein said about Otto Weininger.
He alludes to von Wright’s remarks on Wittgenstein’s high regard for Weininger. Wittgenstein recommended Sex and Character to Drury as “a work of remarkable genius” and Drury remembers that Wittgenstein said that Weininger, at twenty-one and before anyone […]

If I may take the liberty of infringing yours…

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Notes on Mill, On Liberty, chapter 5
Self-sale into slavery
Not only persons are not held to engagements which violate the rights of third parties, but it is sometimes considered a sufficient reason for releasing them from an engagement, that it is injurious to themselves. In this and most other civilized countries, for example, an engagement by […]

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