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In this lecture, Luno patrols the border between induction and existentialism, finding a critique of analytic philosophy.
I trained formally as an analytic philosopher. Most of the philosophical literature I directly address in my writing is analytic. But my sympathies are nearly always with the existentialist and literary traditions in philosophy. My first entry into philosophy […]

Men loving war

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From a 1984 article in Esquire entitled, “Why Men Love War”, by William Broyles Jr., a well-known screen writer and decorated Vietnam War veteran:
…Like all lust, for as long as it lasts it dominates everything else; a nation’s other problems are seared away, a phenomenon exploited by kings, dictators, and presidents since civilization began.
And I […]

Disjunctive syllogism: the decision to drop the atomic bomb on Japan

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The logic of the decision to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima

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