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Voting Fable

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Vote or Pray: How to bring back sincerityand God, too, into the voting process
The idea is to bring meaning back into the electoral process, to make it ok for people to do and express how they feel in national elections in a way that respects their deepest convictions. The first step in respecting one’s convictions […]


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In this lecture, Luno patrols the border between induction and existentialism, finding a critique of analytic philosophy.
I trained formally as an analytic philosopher. Most of the philosophical literature I directly address in my writing is analytic. But my sympathies are nearly always with the existentialist and literary traditions in philosophy. My first entry into philosophy […]

Notebooks of Bianco Luno

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Notebook XIII: smithereens

Notebook XII: the world is my Vienna

Notebook XI: iridescent blossoms

Notebook X: what you don’t want to hear

Notebook IX: a variety of cockroach

Notebook VIII: rosary esophagus

Notebook VII: gall in the service of

Notebook XIII

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Luno’s thirteenth notebook, smithereens, has been published at


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Notes on Gertrude Stein, The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas
She was interested in types, she knew that there were femme décorative, femme d’intérieur, and femme intrigante…
the wives of geniuses
The world was a theatre for you…
Picasso says of Alice: she looks like Lincoln.
Picasso’s making a thing, bound to be ugly. Those who follow […]

rollin’, rollin’, rollin’

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For I doubt not, but if it had been a thing contrary to any man’s right of dominion, or to the interest of men that have dominion, that the three angles of a triangle should be equal to two angles of a square, that doctrine should have been, if not disputed, yet by the burning […]

Hobbes, constituted authority, and permission to exit (or enter)

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…no man that hath sovereign power can justly be put to death, or otherwise in any manner by his subjects punished. For seeing every subject is author of the actions of his sovereign, he punisheth another for the actions committed by himself.
[Leviathan, Chapter XVIII, “Of the Rights of Sovereigns by Institution”]
But may he not commit […]

“The Double Origin”

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Notes on:
Sylviane Agacinski, Parity of the Sexes.
Does everyone have an unconditional right to have a child? Agacinski asks.
And can a child be allowed to legally issue from two people of the same sex? I say issue and not raise because legally, education means nothing precise and doesn’t involve the identity of the child.
Can we […]

Note 37: Abortion, infanticide, and inner children

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Weininger writes:
Nonetheless, every man evaluates somehow or other each of his traits, even each of his morally indifferent character traits…. The omen of this evaluation, I now believe, determines, even essentially decides, the tone of a person’s inner life. To be sure, it is only the man, not the woman, who has an inner […]

Supreme luxury

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On the difference between philosophy and psychology.

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