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Mommy has a license to kill, Kant said so

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Why mother’s may kill, but governments may not…

Weininger’s misogyny (or what we talk about when we talk about hate)

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Was Otto Weininger a misogynist? Or are we missing something?

Clearing logical space…

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I have therefore found it necessary to deny knowledge, in order to make room for faith. [Kant, Critique of Pure Reason, Kemp Smith trans., p. 29.]
Similarly Weininger created the logical space for a feminine morality—in fact, an entire feminine experience of life or moral phenomenology—in delineating what precisely was male and what was not. This […]

The serpent and the dove

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Innocence is indeed a glorious thing; only, on the other [405] hand, it is very sad that it cannot well maintain itself and is easily seduced. [Kant, Fundamental Principles of a Metaphysics of Morals, First Section, par. 20 (Abbott trans., pp. 404-5).]
But how can we admire innocence? The fact is we can’t. Or, turning […]

Mother’s knee

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How men commonly come by their principles. This, however strange it may seem, is that which every day’s experience confirms; and will not, perhaps, appear so wonderful, if we consider the ways and steps by which it is brought about; and how really it may come to pass, that doctrines that have been derived from […]

Cockroaches and Balloons:
Weiningerian Reactions to a Distractionist

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In the following oblique philosophical rant, occasioned by nihilist/distractionist George (whose views can seem bleaker even than Luno’s), Luno reveals his own lively obsession with dividing up the moral world in two, one part governed by a feminine, the other by a (you guessed it!) masculine imperative. —Ed. note.
(Distractionist) GEORGE:
It would seem any moral theory […]

Cockroaches and Balloons:
Weiningerian Reactions to a Distractionist, ii

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[back to part i]
Ultimately, what possible difference could it make to understand why Weininger did what he did…or to speculate on What It Means? If [Luno] were sitting in a doctor’s office listening to her explain to him why he only has a few days to live…would he be thinking about Weininger’s suicide?
Actually, I […]

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