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Abortion, Sex, and the Limits of Morality - Part II

Lessons for moral theory taken from the morality of abortion
Utility and women
In the realm of ethics, the notion of rights is little more than three centuries old, that of utility less, that of virtue two millenia. But that of care we must assume is pre-historic.
There seem to be very few utilitarian philosophers who are women. […]

The moral party: whom should we invite?

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Notes on: Mary Anne Warren, “Difficulties with the Strong Animal Rights Position”

Moral sentiment

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Reactions to Robert C. Solomon’s views on sentimentality

When something just doesn’t feel right…

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Henid or sneaky suspicion or “practical adaptiveness”

Henids and the doxic life

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Cognitive emotions and Weininger’s henids

To hurt with love…

Notes on Jean Hampton’s moral educationist theory of punishment

The springs of action

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Principles of actions indeed there are lodged in men’s appetites; but these are so far from being innate moral principles, that if they were left to their full swing they would carry men to the overturning of all morality. [Locke, An Essay Concerning Human Understanding, Book I, Chapter II, “No Innate Principles,” par. 13.]
Unlike in […]

Bad, bad thing…

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Revulsion is not an argument; and some of yesterday’s repugnances are today calmly accepted—though, one must add, not always for the better. In crucial cases, however, repugnance is the emotional expression of deep wisdom, beyond reason’s power fully to articulate it. Can anyone really give an argument fully adequate to the horror which is father-daughter […]

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