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Abortion, Sex, and the Limits of Morality

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A Lecture
Bianco Luno
Editor’s note: Bianco Luno surveys and interprets some of the major philosophical literature on abortion in Part I in preparation for drawing radical lessons for the nature of morality in Part II. Thanks to J. Armstrong, Gene L., and O. Dresher for reading, discussion, and corrections. —Victor Muñoz
The topic
I want to talk […]

Abortion, Sex, and the Limits of Morality - Part I

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A survey of important opinions
The classic case against abortion
The traditional view goes roughly like this:

It is wrong to destroy a person.
A fetus is a person.
Therefore, it is wrong to destroy a fetus.8

8. I won’t rehearse this argument in detail here except to say that the first premise is one that could only have occurred […]

Abortion, Sex, and the Limits of Morality - Part II

Lessons for moral theory taken from the morality of abortion
Utility and women
In the realm of ethics, the notion of rights is little more than three centuries old, that of utility less, that of virtue two millenia. But that of care we must assume is pre-historic.
There seem to be very few utilitarian philosophers who are women. […]


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All the agents enjoy many advantages in order to ensure the egg is formed. There is no cause for envy, because even the worst of the conditions imposed on some agents happen to be ideal conditions for the egg. As for the satisfaction of the agents, they receive that, too, without conceit. They quietly savour […]

Stein’s degenerating women

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Introduction and Text
Gertrude Stein’s paper “Degeneration In American Women” first appears in the Appendix to biographer Brenda Wineapple’s 1996 book Sister Brother: Gertrude and Leo Stein. Wineapple writes:
I found the following essay in a nondescript folder tucked among the miscellaneous papers of Mary Mackall Gwinn Hodder.* Eight pages long, typed on legal-sized paper, and titled […]

“…living, walking, talking, thinking, being, eating and drinking is an endless joy…“

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Notes on Brenda Wineapple, Sister Brother: Gertrude and Leo Stein.
Stein judges her cousin Bird as lacking in moral courage.
It takes very much courage to do anything connected with your being unless it is a very serious thing.

from notes, “yes I say it is hard living down the tempers we are born with.” The idea makes […]

Moral terrorism, aka supererogation

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In this classic paper in the literature on the idea of supererogation (acts above and beyond moral duty), Urmson argues for recognition of a special class of moral acts that, while clearly moral, cannot be required—at least not generally. In the course of his argument, he makes explicit a masculine assumption about the feminine relation to morality. Susan Wolf reacts to this paper. Together, Urmson’s seemingly off-handed remark and Wolf’s response, are symptomatic of the deep rift in moral perspective between women and men. The underlying clash of principles were first clearly examined by Otto Weininger a century ago. Luno picks up where Weininger left off, using Urmson and Wolf as philosophical occasions.

Sex, Freud, and Weininger (Intro)

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Notes on Sigmund Freud, Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality
According Otto Weininger’s biographer, David Abrahamsen, Freud read an early draft of what later became Sex and Character. The encounter is also dramatized in Joshua Sobol’s play, Weininger’s Night.
—Editor’s note
xiii (Foreword by Nancy Chodorow)
Chodorow writes,
As someone who has written both appreciatively and critically about […]

An affair of honor and the darkness of hell

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Notes on Immanuel Kant, The Philosophy of Law (1796)
There are, however, two crimes worthy of death, in respect of which it still remains doubtful whether the Legislature have the Right to deal with them capitally.
And since they cannot be dealt with “capitally,” they cannot, on Kantian terms, quite be seen as murder.
It is the sentiment […]

none of his business

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Notes on:
Michael Tooley, “Abortion and Infanticide.”
I do not share the general pessimism about the possibility of resolving the issue of abortion and infanticide because I believe it is possible to point to a very plausible moral principle dealing with the question of necessary conditions for something’s having a right to life, where the conditions in […]

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