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“Freedom and Fecundity”

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Notes on:
Sylviane Agacinski, Parity of the Sexes.
[Agacinski, in this chapter, critiques Simone de Beauvoir. She does so, in our view, with considerable accuracy. Beauvoir is complicit, like J. S. Mill before her and many since (Susan Miller Okin, in particular, here, since Agacinski mentions her by name), in buying into a central doctrine that has, […]

“The Masculine Universal”

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Notes on:
Sylviane Agacinski, Parity of the Sexes.

What is really universal in a logical sense…is…the fact of being sexed: all humans are either ‘men or women.’
…abstract egalitarianism affirms the irrelevance of sexual difference
and is untenable in many areas including judicial and political.

…the problem is to know at what level of abstraction a category is theoretically or […]

“The Double Origin”

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Notes on:
Sylviane Agacinski, Parity of the Sexes.
Does everyone have an unconditional right to have a child? Agacinski asks.
And can a child be allowed to legally issue from two people of the same sex? I say issue and not raise because legally, education means nothing precise and doesn’t involve the identity of the child.
Can we […]

Ethics exam question: Whom does mommy get to kill?

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Aristotle on matricide

Note 37: Abortion, infanticide, and inner children

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Weininger writes:
Nonetheless, every man evaluates somehow or other each of his traits, even each of his morally indifferent character traits…. The omen of this evaluation, I now believe, determines, even essentially decides, the tone of a person’s inner life. To be sure, it is only the man, not the woman, who has an inner […]

The thirteenth shot…

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What is wrong with avenging justice?

To hurt with love…

Notes on Jean Hampton’s moral educationist theory of punishment

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