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All the agents enjoy many advantages in order to ensure the egg is formed. There is no cause for envy, because even the worst of the conditions imposed on some agents happen to be ideal conditions for the egg. As for the satisfaction of the agents, they receive that, too, without conceit. They quietly savour […]

On being criminal, Jewish, a woman, Woolf, Weininger, Wittgenstein, Rhees and Russia

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Notes on Rush Rhees, “Postscript” (on Wittgenstein)
Editor’s note: Luno comments on Rush Rhees’ published recollections, a chief source for biographical understanding of certain perceived peculiarities of Wittgenstein’s makeup, specifically, his relationship to his Jewishness, to Otto Weininger, women, and politics. In the course of these notes, Luno offers one of his more remarkable summations of […]

Hobbes, constituted authority, and permission to exit (or enter)

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…no man that hath sovereign power can justly be put to death, or otherwise in any manner by his subjects punished. For seeing every subject is author of the actions of his sovereign, he punisheth another for the actions committed by himself.
[Leviathan, Chapter XVIII, “Of the Rights of Sovereigns by Institution”]
But may he not commit […]

On Weininger’s death

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Olivia Dresher interviews Bianco Luno on Weininger’s suicide

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