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Lenovo Q150 WIFI adaptor in Ubuntu 10.04

posted in Uncategorized by vmunoz Monday July 5, 2010 at about 3:17 am

Wireless didn’t work out of the box.

Ethernet is flaky but, after a cold boot or two, it works.

Got the wireless adaptor working on the Q-150 by downloading the Windows driver via ethernet from the site for:

RTL8191SU WLAN Adapter USB

(The wireless adaptor on the Q-150 was identified via the Win7 side of my dual boot; lspci and lsusb weren’t much help).

Installed ndiswrapper (common, util, and gtk parts) via Ubuntu Software Center.

Right-clicked and extracted the Windows driver zip file to the desktop, located the WinXP .inf file inside the drivers folder.

Opened ndiswrapper from System/Administration/Windows Wireless Drivers, clicked Install New Driver, and navigated to previously located .inf file. It was installed almost instantly and started detecting wireless networks.

UPDATE: 7-16-10

After a couple of weeks using the Windows driver with ndiswrapper as described above, I can report the connection is a bit flaky. After an hour or two, the connection quality degrades or fluctuates radically, sometimes cutting out altogether. Sometimes reconnecting with network manager fixes it for another spell, sometimes a reboot or two is necessary.

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